02 January, 2018

How to Score high in class 12 board exam - Tips for H.S Exam 2018

12th exam Preparation for 2018

This article will help you understand how class 12 studies and scores good points in science, arts and commerce streams. You are a completely firm person, waiting for inspiration and support to move forward in the coming months or to increase your constant level. Remember!! There is no birthdate. Yes, people are qualified for a specific thing and are innate talents but in addition, with proper guidance and hard work, any board can excel at examinations or competitive exams. Therefore, we are here to help you with some tips where you can prepare your study method and score 99% in Class 12 Higher Secondary Examination.

Is it really possible to score more than 90%+ percent for everyone?

No, not for everyone, it is all your hard work since the beginning of class 12, in my case study, students do not take large numbers in very first 9 months. They start their preparation just before 3 month board examinations.
Board examination is a difficult time for all students After Class X' first board exam, second grade of class XII is more difficult. So is it okay? Of course, if you are fully prepared with every item related to your notes and board exams. Use them to read or practice those notes in your last 3 months and do not collect them. The last 3 months of the month are the months and students preparing for the board exam from the beginning of class 12 are using this time with great strategies, and they successfully achieve 90% percent of the board exam results.
So by using the last 3 months in a very great and smart way, you can get a good percentage in the 12th class. I will suggest you in your score how to prepare for board exams in the last 3 months

Tips for H.S Exam 2018

Tips to Score more than about 95% in 12th board Exam

You definitely will have to score 99% in the 12th grade if you feel those tips helping you with these tips in your study patterns. Therefore, prepare a timetable, which covers everything from the time of your sleep to your study method - and stick to it.

 1.  Set your timetable:

Now, as you know your weak areas, your agenda should be given extra time to deal with those tough lessons and to transform into stronger people. Prepare a timetable to prioritize and care for important and weaker sections first

It helps you reduce your feck time and gives you the freedom to plan your schedule in the desired way. When you allocate extra time to master those difficult subjects, do not ignore other lessons.

2.       Stick with your course book - mind it!

 Stick with your course book

Yes, I have seen many students following the many huge t reference books, and they do not reduce their textbooks like NCERT in the case of CBSE board.
These courses are best to practice with books. Have you ever seen that high scoring students always paste the curriculum textbooks and this is just because they know the true importance of the key to success book (course textbooks).

Good to study reference books, but only after 12th grade do you want to be part of competitive examinations. But if you really want to score more percentage, then, according to me, you should stick with your text textbooks.

All the courses in any board exam have been designed according to the strict course of books and it has never happened in the history of the board examinations that a question has come out of the curriculum.

According to me, you should not go for reference books, because you are preparing for Class 12, due to not being selected in NASA.

   3.       Making notes is an effective way:

Modifying the entire course from scratch may seem impossible in the limited time available. Therefore, prepare short notes and list the key points or draw pictures that can help you remember all the answers quickly. The note writing or flow chart is consolidated into your memory and it is more effective than reading or shuffling your text. In this way, you will understand better according to the points and remember everything you need to know to know during the exam.

   4.       Be careful with your weak points

Be careful with your weak points

What are my weak points and how to make them strong? While preparing for board exams, you should always keep this question in your mind.
Take your answer sheet of pre-boards and class tests, and take a deep look at your answers, find your mistakes, make a list of those mistakes for each mistake. Ask yourself, will I repeat these mistakes in the board exams too?
No, do not speak a large number, and start debugging your mistakes, work hard on your mistakes, give them a scratched depth, take it as a mission to transform those weaker points into stronger people.
Is your handwriting messy? Try to improve it, if not 90 or 80% but at least 1%, but work on it.
Is this organic chemistry? Know it, read it and let it be but do not underestimate it
These are weak points, I am talking in this section. Recovery from your weak points that are responsible for your cutting points, you will definitely keep on track to score too much in your board exams.

5.       Resolve the previous year's papers:

This technique will encourage people to self-confidence. A candidate will understand the questions required for the exam and prepare accordingly. Specifically, you can see the weightages of the allocated points for those areas on which you find difficult and work on it. Solving past papers helps you to use questions in the form of questions, and helps in spending the right time on each section. Solve the problems of different difficulty during the time mentioned in the question paper and try to finish them.

   6.       Does your answer sheet look filthy after the examination ends?

We are talking about 90 percent, this is not a joke! Even a single digit can give me a big difference of 89.9% and 90%?
Therefore, when you are preparing for board exams, then every activity is according to everything. Neutrality and cleanliness are one of them. Your answer sheet is on the basis of which you will get your point, so all the things related to your answer sheet matters. Practice making your answer sheet very good, work on your handwriting, if it is not very good, and get some tips from the good students of your class about the presentation of the answer sheet. Also, seek advice from your teachers, they will tell you the best about this scenario because some of them have the experience of examining answer papers. Underline important phrases in your answer sheet, making boxes around the answer in the case of mathematics is one of the basic elements that your answer sheet should be used to clearly and clearly appear.
This clean and clean fund will add 10 additional marks to your board exam, so why not work for it?

  7.       Avoid exam stress and be positive vibes:

Experience of nervousness and stress during and during examinations is very natural. A little stress is quite useful because it inspires us to make the great effort. To overcome the mind, the best way is to find yourself in your hobbies. This is a stress-free treatment.
The positive attitude is the key to solving many of the problems. This is an important feature for you during the examination time, attitude is the main reason for all students because it reflects your self-confidence or self-confidence along with your personality. It helps you bypassing your examinations with shining colors.

   8.       During the time of examination:

During the time of examination

First and foremost, before reading the question paper, feel and show that you are familiar with each question and you know how to answer each question in that question paper. It is a self-defined system and works very well. Thinking like this will make you even more positive and you will be double to make sure!
Okay, now 15 minutes before, read every question from its root, understand, make a plan how you will do that question. Read all the questions with the same focus, and then make a strategy that you will try first. Always try 5 points earlier, simple logic says, when you come short of time and you have to finish the paper, you cannot do 5 points, but you can easily do 2 points in 1 digit less time. Are there. And this is the best practice when dealing with questions
Make every single question with the same meditation and with the same meditation as each question is important. Use similar writing and formatting throughout the answer sheet. And please do not spoil your answer sheet in any way, keep using decorating items throughout the answer sheet.
Always take a pencil and a scale with you, whenever possible try to draw a diagram, your diagram will have a great effect on the mind of the painter, and so be it. Time means, do not spend too much time on a particular question, here the experience comes into play. As much as last year or the sample letter you have already solved, you will be clear about time management on each question.

Be fully prepared with your belongings such as pen, pencil, rubber, scale etc. Do not take the chance, take everything in double amount, because every second is important here.

Thank You and All the best
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