12 January, 2018

How to introduce yourself in a job interview


What's the best way to introduce yourself at a job interview?  What is the best possible way to making some extra impression and best possible impression for your post? And you know the first impression can play the major role in the whole interview system and it is one of the major observation to choose a candidate. In fact it Candy paint interviewer can make a decision whether the rejection candidate or select a candidate to think what is the most important variable to answer this question.

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Purpose of asking this question-

This question or this type of question comes in just every type of job interview. And my experience is it is the most common interview question. So you must prepare for these questions answer. However, if you properly prepare for this initial question, then there is no fear of rejection comes in your mind. Now think what is the interview was trying to achieve by asking you this question tell me something about yourself.  Will the simple fact is it is the open-ended way to start the selection procedure or a conversation with a candidate.  As a result of this question answer almost and always make the first impression.  and keep it remember you must answer in a unique way other candidates make a simple answer and very common .ok  first take some example how candidate answer for this question –

 Deepak give the answer to this question is look like

 Hello, sir, it is my pleasure to introduce myself.
 I am Deepak.  I am from Kolkata, Dumdum area.  I complete my BCA degree from NMK College.  I did my schooling at H.U.T.R High School.  
About my family, there are 5 members of my family including me my mother my father and my two elder brothers.  My father is a serviceman he is a police officer.  My mother is a home wife and my two elder brothers are working at Bangalore.  
I am a positive thinker and quick learner.  And whatever I go, I adapt myself easily than others.  I am quite good at accessing various type of office application.

So what you think about this answer?  you may not able to fit all your great qualities within 2 minutes so you will have to spend some time to think about how you present yourself in the best way.  Actually, this simple questions answer gives you the right start the interview and now your interview go to the right direction.

Tips how to introduce yourself in a job interview-

Some points to be noted.  Those points must give you the ability to create the best presentation for yourself.

  1. Keep your introduction short and conscious
  2. You must be unique.
  3. Who are you
  4. shortly summarises your current background
  5. give an example of proof of performance
  6. Your answer must be relevant to your resume
  7. Mention your strongest strength
  8. mention your team spirit and   easy adaptation  nature
  9. mention your goal and vision
  10. All together in a short and to the point presentation which is just a natural way.

Now take an example how you give these questions answer to the interviewer

Good morning sir
First of all, I would like to thank you all for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself
Myself David Jones.  And I belong from Mumbai.
I am complete my computer science engineering from example information of Technology Institute in this last year.  I complete my   Schooling from example board with 70% marks.  I love computers from my schooling days in my free time I like to explore various type of applications. My strongest strength is taking initiative to work independently good leadership skill and adopt any kind of situation very easily. Send me my weakness is I am not comfortable until I finish my work.  I always like to gain more and more knowledge.  My Life goal is after getting this job to become more responsible and knowledgeable person.  That’s all about me.
Thank you all again for giving me this great opportunity to introduce myself in front of you.

This example may not fit for you but you must get an experienced example.  Me introduction yourself.  Just keep it remember you must mention all of the points I mentioned in the article.  well to get more example like this I give you and link below this article and you read those are all examples how will you introduce yourself but again I want to say you must create your own presentation by yourself because it is only you know  best about yourself about your strength and weakness your performance and like everything.

During answering your question you must a proper mindset.  Because a proper mindset give you the more professionalism.  And when you have good professionalism mind-set your attitude and answer also be Express in a very professional way.
Actually your old man said it in your subconscious mind so train your mind as a professional person.  Which give you the more personality and confidence.
Before ending this post I want to mention some point again I want to remember you some points like

Will you focus on your qualification during creating a presentation about yourself?

Do you prepare for your mindset.
Do you know about your interview place date and time?
Do you have some professional dress code for the interview?
Do you look fresh to meeting with the interviewer?
Do you prepare properly to giving answers all other questions
Are you all common interview questions?
Do you think about your salary expectation questions?

As you know an interview is a process to hire a candidate who works for an organization or company or an industry.  In that case, it is so feet from that position then you will select otherwise you don't get that job.  And the interview is the selection procedure who are the interviewers select you.  The interview, I ‘mean some human being manually select you after testing you through the interview process.  So be Prepare yourself.

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