13 March, 2018

Best 11 tips to prepare for government jobs exams

How to prepare for government job exam?

Govt job preparation is very easy task now with these best 11 job preparation tips. You can nearly crack any government job exam with those tips mention bellow in this article. It is not a hard process or something like that is very easy. But all you need to know there all common thing and strategy that you follow works or not. You may get special coaching for your next exam, you may rad lots of type of book and attend many mock tests. But which is work and what is the best process is? The answer is it depends on your upcoming exam. You first need to understand what your goal is, and then start preparation.

prepare for government jobs exams
prepare for government jobs exams

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Every year millions of candidate compete with the various post through govt job exam. Out of them lots of new student or fresher and lots of experienced. So you can understand the competition is huge. But the good news is the number of vacancies also enough for every year. So if you really need a post you must have a strong preparation strategy.
First, understand the procedure of employ recruitment. There is a system of recruitment. First, you need to fill-up a form according to your qualification and with some extra qualification.

Then the main preparation will start for the written exam. And now time to attend the written exam according to sector’s declared exam pattern. If you eligible for next step then you get a chance to attend the interview. So you need really good preparation for the written exam and also prepare for an interview. Let’s start the preparation practices -

prepare for government job exam

Very easy - step by step job preparation.

First face some question, you need to clearly understand what your position is, and from that position what is the best strategy to improve yourself.
  1. What is your qualification?
  2. Have you any extra qualification?
  3. Are you a fresher or experienced?
  4. Do you attend any govt job exam before?
  5. Have you taken any special coaching?

Now step by step start preparation and practices.

  • Start with common subjects: -

Start your preparation with very common and important subjects. Those subject important because nearly every recruitment syllabus have including with these 5 to 6 subject.

English: - It is a common language paper. And as an international language you must attend your paper with your mother language or the nest option is English. You need to practices many grammatical questions, letter writing, and paragraph writing.

Math: - most important subject for any government job exam. Follow various books especially in first step you can follow 10th class level all math book and the 12th class level all math books.
Physics: - physics is a very common you must start with again 10th class level basic knowledge and then attempt 12th class level physics book for depth knowledge.

History: - history question is a very common type of question and many time those questions come as general knowledge questions.

Geography: - again this subject study like a science theory and it give you depth knowledge about the various country. And in future, it can help you to understand the modern environment.

Computer knowledge: -   Nearly every exam like SBI, IS, SSC, railway every type place today they must need a common subject and it is the computer. Recommended you to join a computer course it increases your knowledge and as well as it gives you the extra qualification certificate which is also important for you.

  • Set your goal target: -

According to your qualification, you need to create your goal. You may attempt many govt exams but set a target a single or more than one but not more than 3 targets. You can fill-up and attempt many exams but only for the experience of the questions of the competitive exam but ensure that which is you targeting exam. And start preparation according to that target. You can start gathering all the information and necessary study material about your targeting goal.  

  • Read targeting books:-

Now time to work on your target. Start read books on your target. There are many books available on market. You can buy a special book on related to your targeted job. It may theoretical book which full of details theory or full of multiple choice type question. First read theory then start to read multiple types of questions books. You can read various books on various subject according to your syllabus.

  • Follow syllabus and previous year’s papers: -

It is the best tricks to prepare for your targeting or the next job ever. You need to download the syllabus for that particular exam. And follow the syllabus. For that, you need to find the syllabus and it is very easy, link mention bellow. And same way you can find previous years or previous time’s question paper. And this question paper gives the full clarity actually this practical pattern of your targets question.
To find the previous time or more than 2 or 3 question paper for your target simply go to Google and type your target “keyword” (Name) and then write “previous year question”.
an example showing in image bellow 
search  on google previous year question for a job

  • Daily homework with study material: -

Do your daily homework with your study materials. Study material means the resources like syllabus, previous year questions paper, books, and other various resources. You can solve some question on daily base and also read new theory for gathering more information and read some gadget for current affairs knowledge. But what you need in order to your all thing in an organized way you must create your routine and follow and complete your homework on daily base.

  • Time management and daily routine: -

In order to do your homework daily base and targeting base, you need to create your perfect routine and follow it. Without maintaining time and follow the routine you don’t able to complete your homework which your target. So create your own deadline for every work. Maintain your schedule with time management skill. Before start, you observe and remind yourself what your work is, and for that what is your strategy? And create hour by hour routine and divide your every hour deferent parts.  And follow it.

  • Create your preparation strategy: -

You need some research about your targeting exam or your targeting post. Like you need to know how many time in a year the recruitment notification is released by the govt sector, what is their procedure of selection, and know about the perfect and new version or syllabus and then make a fresh preparation strategy. In this strategy, you need to clear
  1. How much time you left for your next exam?
  2. What is your strength and what is your weakness?
  3. In weak subject, you need to focus on improving it.
  4. Create a simple chart and divided your time for your strength subject and weak subject.
  5. Invest more time for main trade subject.
  6. Create a mindset to complete your target.

Follow your strategy and routine to achieve your goal.

  • Preparing for an interview: -

The interview is a very tough incident for many candidates and another way for some candidate it is very easy. Keep in mind if there is an interview in the selection procedure then start to prepare for the interview also. In this year 2017 many government jobs recruitment through direct only written exam test and some recruit procedure including interview process. In order to face interview, you need good knowledge about your trade subject as well as in various non-trade subjects like general knowledge and current affairs etc. but only subject knowledge is not enough to crack an interview. So to successfully face in the interview you need to practices some special tips tricks and some common job interview questions and answer in create yourself stronger than your competitor. Regular base practices answering some questions, research about your targeting sector, and also you can join online interview program. So you can start this preparation as a strategy.

  • Current affairs, reasoning, general knowledge: -

To improve your skills and in order to update yourself, you must read the newspaper every day. A newspaper is the best source of current affairs. You can note important and its date in a notebook. To get more efficiency you can read monthly or weekly current affairs magazine or visit the link bellow to get the best current affairs update in your hand every moment.

General knowledge and general intelligence and reasoning books (by R.S Aggarwal or M. Tyra or Arun Sharma) which are divided into verbal and nonverbal part all the subject of GK and GI gives you the biggest advantage in competition.

  • Stay focus with confidence: -

So after all the tips can work for you together these 11 tips give you the result but if you really serious about your preparation. So it is not a difficult process but it is a long-term process the best preparation for a govt job takes maximum 6 months to 1 year and now you are ready for your post. Yes, it is proved if you focus some time on those tips it gives you the life you imagine and not only you which imagined by all other candidates. So what is the difference between all ordinary and extraordinary candidate? One simple difference “that is focus”. Make sure you follow all the tips and ready to the challenge. Now it conforms who follow those tips and practices he/she can ahead of everyone and he must get success in any job exam. So focus, focus and focus and this focus on your strategy give you the lots of confidence and this confidence help you to crack any job exam. 

SO, in this way you are ready now to face any challenge in this government exam field. The career is very bright after getting any govt jobs. So in first, it looks like a hard process but after all it is very simple and easy without any coaching. You just perfectly follow all the rule of the preparation and you can get enough study materials in beside you online or off-line. Stay focus and on your strategy and ready to go.

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