19 February, 2018

Best Interview Tips for Freshers

Interview preparation skills and questions for freshers

All the freshers always looking for the best Interview tips all around the world and it is also very good to discuss with your friends and who already face and successfully pass this process. But keep it mind that the competition is very hard so for that in those days in 2017 only conversation is not enough for interview preparation. You must be learn some special tips and tricks that will help you and you can easily crack interview. Especially for freshers candidate who looking for next day’s tough work. Yes it is a hard process but if you learn some simple tips and practices some time you must enough intelligent and smart to crack the job interview. Here some top and very special tips for freshers -

First quick show you all the main point and then we deeply discuss all the tips one by one.

N.T- Please read details all the information before act on them, otherwise an incomplete single line can create negative impact for you. Read full post for 100% right knowledge”.

20 best interview tips

Early Research about the company or organization

Preparation and research

It is on one of the most important and basic parts for your knowledge. Many things depend on this research. When Interviewers ask you any question about the company or Organization you need to answer. And most of the time question about that company is very very common and important. So first you deeply research about the company. In the time to research you must keep in mind those points –

  • What is the full name of the company?
  • Establishment year of the company.
  • Founder of the company.
  • Name of Current CEO / managing director of the company.
  • Recent Products and services.
  • Best products of this company.
  • How many employees are working here?
  • How many office available in your country and around the world.

For research or gather information about those point, you can go to the official website of the company or organization. And on more option is search information in Google search box and many other search engines on the internet.

Appear the venue earlier

Early reach

In the place where the interview is conducted, it may the office campus of the company or collage campus or any other place like an auditorium or so on. The point is you must appear the right venue mention by interview notice before the exact time mention. Do not do any mistake because if you are late may you could not get the opportunity to attend or the interviewers may give you negative marks. So arrive the venue timely or before time and recap again all the point what you learn.

Developing communicating skill

Communication/conversation skills

Communicating skill is a very important component to choice a candidate. When a company or organization conduct any interview to hire an employ that means the company or organization need an actual good talented employ. May you have all the talent but you have not right communicating skill that could not create a good image for your selection. Good communicating skills means you need to ability talking thoroughly without tottering, your voice clear enough, when you talk to them your eyes appropriately connect with them and your body language must be smart and confident. Because in future this communicating skills may help the company to do a good deal with clients. So it is a very important component to choice a candidate as a part of any company or organization.

Carry all required Documents

Documents carry

You must carry your all necessary documents with you. Make sure all the documents are not in your hand, you need a file folder to contain all the documents together. Carry all necessary documents original copy with x-ray copy and put them a different part of your file folder. Generally, all original copy of documents is in first then the x-ray copy are contain. And careful about select the documents to carry with you. Make sure there is no unnecessary documents, and don’t forget to contain 1 or 2 full white blank paper with pen and recent passport size color photos.

Switch off your Phone

Phone / Mobile Off.

Before entire the interview room make sure you must switch off your mobile phone.  And don’t mistake to put your phone in vibration mode and also don’t mistake to put it in Silent mode make sure it is not distractible for you.

First Impression at an interview

First Impression

As a freshers it is very common you have no experience in past so now we are talking about the most important part. The first impression is the most important part of the whole interview. In this first 30 second to 60 second is going to huge impact the total interview. So very carefully handle it. You probably here it First impression is the last impression. Now the question is how to make an awesome first impression? Well there are some tips for Make a good First impression–
  • Prepare with formal dressing, wear full shirt with formal office pant and shows. 
  • Do not enter interview room without getting permission from interviewer.
  • After Enter room you must hand shake with them. And if there are more than one person then handshake with each of the interviewers. And say good morning sir or god morning mam each of them. Make sure do not make any long hand shake. Be polite and smart.
  • Now hand over your resume and Document folder.
  • Do not sit down, whenever they don’t give you the permission to sit.
  • During interview don’t look like bored or tired, so you can wash your face and hand and also make your hair once again before entire the room.
  • Smile face always get very good advantage. But Make sure you cannot smile during any conversations with them. Smartly handle your face reaction. 

Interview Resume


Creating the resume for an interview is the easiest thing as the same time it is a complex also. Your resume must be based on the company. First, you need to analyze - what want the company. And then you create your resume. The whole matter is you just put the data which like the company, I mean to say though you already research about the company so now you know what company love and which thing related with the company. So now it is very easy to put the information field with company profile. The important field which you need to fill-up with company’s interest like – your Hobby and your Interest.
Do not put any false information in your Resume. Interviewers may ask you question which bases on your Resume
It is very common that they ask you question based on your resume. So whatever information you put in your resume just make sure you have knowledge about those all. And conformed that there is no spelling mistake and no wrong information. Your resume must have those points-
  • It is short.
  • Full of information.
  • Good formatting.
  • Use clear font.
  • No spelling mistake.
  • No false information.
  • No unnecessary information.
  • Mention your skills, interest and hobby base on Company profile.
  • Printed on good quality paper.
  • Signed by you with your recent photo. 

 Now time to make a perfect resume. Here some links bellow from where you can create an online resume and print out as a soft copy document. 

Practice to answering all common Interview questions-

Question and answers
Some very common interview questions are frequently asked by interviewers- here is a list of top 10 most common question and best answer. Start practices, again and again, all the question and answers. This method makes you strong enough to frequently answer those question. But make sure answering in your own way and very normal or natural way.

List of 10 best common interview question and answer:-

1.      Tell me about yourself.

Ans: - While answering this question make sure you can’t talk about your financial condition or your health or family. You need to talk about

  • Your strength.
  • Your experience.
  • Your ability.

Also during answering this question don’t forget to mention your skills and your high vision. Make sure mention your technical hobby. And do not mention those things which already mention in your resume.

2.      What is your best strength?

Ans: - This question must make a deference. Because at that point you going to show your hard working approach. During answer this question must mention your strong skills and your approach to better them time to time. Your biggest strength may be your hard working approach. Now time to create a natural script and example.
Read Answers and Examples.

3.      What is your weakness?

Ans: - don’t be panic during answer this question because there most of the candidate get some disadvantages. Honestly talk about your weakness and not only say about your weakness also mention how you will try to make them strong enough. In this place most freshers are take wrong step. Make sure the weakness is very light.

4.      What do you know about the Company?

Ans: - now time to action. Your early research which we mention already in above of this post, that’s work in the practical field now. Your all research data are mention one by one. During answering this question mention their best product and services. Their vision etc.

5.      Why should we hire you?

Ans: - In this point, your answer should be very unique than others. You may talk about how your qualification and skills are best fit for that post. And clearly define how you can best fit for this post according to the demand of company.

6.      Why do you want to work at this company?

Ans: - You may mention that you really like job profile, you really love this repetitive company, As a fresher you have the best chance your theoretical knowledge convert to piratical, As it is a chance for you this profile is best for you. Etc. make sure don’t say “because I need a Job”.

7.      What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?

Ans: - Now time to express your strength. Clearly, mention your strength and how your strength is good enough for company. Mention how your skills help the company to improve profits or revenue, and also mention your team spirit. Keep it remember only focuses those strength which really gives profits to the company.

8.      Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Ans: - This answer should be very specific. Understand why interviewers ask this questions, the peruse of this question is to understand your goals. So answer very specific and confident.

9.      How do you handle stress/ pressure?

Ans: - this question about to re cheek your ability to how much you strong enough mentally and physically. So during answering this question you need to focuses on your strength and avoid to talk about a lot about your weakness. The best way to make an answer is creating script that says you enjoy the work on pressure situation and you able to give your more than 100% during this type of situation.

10.  What salary do you expect?

Ans: - it is very common to ask this question if you already full fill and answering a good way to past questions. Now understand as you are a fresher and you have no experience so very carefully answering this question. The best tip is you cannot think about the high salary and tell them that you are a learner so the salary depends on your capacity and let them (Interviewer/company) decided the range.

Answer clearly

Clear answer

While answering the interview questions you must answer all the questions very clearly. May you have very good homework and practices but in the main point where you need to perform if you can’t give your best possible effort then your home work your practices and not worth any more so make sure doing practices all the question and answer you must practices to answering all the question very clearly, confidently, the voice level is same, and answer to the point. Which also make a very good impression about you to interviews.

Do your Homework before interview


Home work is not a direct part of interview, but it is the most and most important indirect part of a job interview especially for freshers. So which kind of homework we need to practices? There are some homework instruction –
Research about the company from various news source, internet scarfing, official company and organization website of join company forum to gather information.
Developing your communicating skill. If possible you practices in front of your friends or a mirror.
One by one scripting all interview questions answer. And practices them daily very fluently.
Shopping your necessary dress and code which you need to wear during interview.

Most important is study a lot your subject. Which is your subject or trade subject. 

Listen carefully


While conversation one most important part is listening. How much you listen carefully that you can understand what interviewers are needed from you, for clearly understand what interviewers are needed form you must be a good listener. Because when you listen carefully then you are able to answer carefully. And this special interview skill is very important for freshers because as a fresher. you need to carefully concentrate. And avoiding to answer before asking any question or before end to ask anything.

Keep Eye contact during in an interview

Eye contact

Well, this is one of the best tricks and it is not a role. Only a bunch of questions preparation is not enough for you, this special trick is about your interacting with interviewers. While interviewing if you look around the various side and look on the table or down on the floor that is a sign of your stress. A very good eye contact is very good to you that make a feel that you are very confident and strong enough to handle any situation. Keep it remember suddenly do not just off your contact, which can make a more bad impact. So make sure in full interview maintain a very good eye contact. Again I love to mention is it is the best tricks and it makes a very good impact on candidate selection.

Show your flexibility


Flexible candidate is a very good choice always. Because if you are not flexible you can’t fit all the situation of your professional life and that is not good for any company or organization. As example you are a manage of a new project now if you are not flexible then it is closely impossible to make a new idea, you feel uneasy to change your position, you are unable to deal with your new client. So show your flexibility during interview. Now the question is how to show flexibility? The way to show the first is your body language and second is while answering the questions. I mean to say your body approach is very good and straight enough and when need you must shake and move your hand. And another is after listen carefully you must react what need that particular portion but “on their point of view”.

Already a part of company or organization

Already a part

First, you need to feel and then output this feeling with your behavior, answer and eye contact. While discussion you must say like you are already a part of this company and for that what you need you must first need a lot of early research about the company. Lots of good communicating skill. Now time to clear how to be a part? And the answer is very easy that your all actions are very compiled with the company. Think about how to get profit the company from you. What should you do for the company? And create your practices shit like this way. So who look like already responsible for his work and contribution interviewers are really like him or her. The tips is before the interview you try to search interviewers in Linkedin or Facebook profile and research what the interviewers are love about their work , defiantly it will work.

Look confident; Confidence


Do not feel nervous there are two extremes either you may get the job or not. So if you are enough prepared with this 20 tips and follow them properly then you get it. Make sure you have enough confident to get the job. To look confident some tips for freshers -
  • Look fresh. Before entire interview wash your hand and face and look fresh and confident.
  • Make yourself as a smile face. Smile face give you a lot of confident as well as it gives a huge good impact for your selection.
  • Make your eye contact properly.
  • Don’t look bore or nervous. It give a negative impact. No need to feel nervous because you are enough prepared.

Answer to the Point

To the point

Don’t make any hazarded answer for interview questions. Make answer script very specific. Because there is no much time to listen your theory in details top to bottom. So do not make any big and lengthy answer. Answer to the direct point and also make sure don’t try to unnecessarily stretch your answer. If an interviewers want to ask you to give details answer then only, otherwise answer to the short and to the point.

Salary conversation


Most probably it is the last conversation or second last conversation in an interview. It is very dangerous to ans this question in very specific amount as a freshers. I want to mention from early research of job profile and company you must research about salary scale for that post for which post you going to interview.  Now understand as you are a fresher and you have no experience so very carefully answering this question. The best tips is you cannot think about the high salary and tell them that you are a learner so the salary is depends on your capacity and let them (Interviewer/company) decided the range. Ok now after offering the salary amount you should think about will the scale is right the post or not, I say “for the post not for you”. From the early research if it is ok then all right, but if it is not right then think yourself. Do not argue.

Ask question to Interviewers


After the end of interviewers question now may be you can also get a chance to ask questions to the interviewers. It is very good tricks to get more good impression so let’s ask them. Keep it remember don’t ask them the questions that from where the answer may come like yes or no. here some question that you can ask on interviewers
  1. How would you describe the responsibilities to the position?
  2. What are you expect for this role within one month?
  3. What is the next step in the interview process?

Make sure do not ask a lot of question. Those question only for investigating your responsibilities in the job. Because already we discuss that look like Already a part of company or organization.

Mind your all Actions and interview steps

Remember all actions

Already we complete all piratical tips and tricks now time to practices. Only some tips and question and answer are not enough to prepare for an interview. So practices them frequently and remember all of them. Because all tips together create the best interview tips. Although don’t forget those tips after entering the interview room, because there are some candidates feel very nerves in their first interview. So just keep it in your mind you are the master of the tricks and your preparation is enough strong and you are ready to action. So now you have all tips in your hand and join together all of them. This practices give you the best result as a fresher.

Avoid some mistake in interview


The most, most and most important thing is in an interview may you cannot get any second chance. So very carefully handle all the situation. Practices all 18 tips and remember them. But as a fresher on more thing in you may do some mistake. So already from this article we able to understand want need to do and now some point that avoid to do-
  1. Lack of preparation or do not prepare for an interview so they have no knowledge of interview skills and early company research.
  2. Use phone during interview, it is a very bad impact use or answering a phone call or text massage.
  3. Provide much personal information about yourself.
  4. Weak first impression, because in next in full interview session it is flow the impression which is very bad.
  5. Too much talking or too less talking is not good. Everything is their one limit and answer to the pint according to the practices.
  6. Very common no uniqueness. I mean your answer script must create by yourself do not copy it form other.
  7. No right dressing sense for the interview.
  8. Arrive late.
  9. Lack of questions. After completing the interview if you do not ask any questions that make a bad impression, which shows you are not interested.
  10. Confidence. If you are not confident most possibly it is impossible to get the job for you. So read this article, it automatically give you a lot of knowledge which create a lot of confidence. 
So the tips are over now time to practices the all tips and tricks over and again to crack. Those tips are enough to Separate yourself form your competitor in today’s changing world where also frequently change the tips and tricks. So stay with us and subscribe this site to get latest updates always.

top interview tips and tricks


So in this best freshers interview tips article where top 20 tips for interview are now the path to get and crack any interview especially for freshers. Also we get some very best and common top 10 interview questions and answers. And also we get some job interview do's and don'ts. Now time to practices all the tips over and again. One thing is clear that we need to read this article but answering in a very unique way with confidence.

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