25 March, 2017

Career Definition

What is the Career Definition?  How will we define the Definition of Career?

Definition of Career 

Career is a condition of our life. As it is a condition so, generally it depends on some primary condition. Like our ‘working ability, Knowledge, and much more wish to do’. The most important and dependent condition of career is the “present professional condition”. This condition I mean to say our Career carry our next life in a wonderful and specific way.
Though we know that there are many specialists define the career in many different way, there thinking should be various but in general point of view “As the Career is not a People or instrument so we can say Career is a CONDITION”. So, in one-word definition of career is “‘this Professional Planned condition carry our present and future in a wonderful and specific way’”.
I mean to say if the question is arise what is career we can say ‘Career is a Careel’ of our life. “Career is a Careel” – Let’s go in deeper to understand the word. - when you want to reach in New-York from Mumbai you must need a flight which carries you From Mumbai to New-York but if you sitting in another flight then there is no chance to reach in New-York. Like this, if you want to get your choice able future then first you sort out your choice. Because your Career depends on your choice, your working ability, and much more wish to do. To reach your brightest Future go and sitting with your Planned (During Career Counselling) career. It means ‘Career is a Careel’ of our life.

 What do you think?
        Will everyone have a career?

The answer is- there is mainly two type of career 1.Planning Career and 2.Non-Planning Career but it is the truth that every PEOPLE have a Career. Look at this very simple statistics there are only 25% People have Planning career, and 75% People have Non-Planning or unfortunate Career. I say only People have Career. Without people, there is no any career for any other animals. Because those animals are aware about their Future and they reserve their necessary things but they have no scope to gate surety about their Future, because they have no Platform to arrange their future. So the future of Animals is very unfortunate. And the same thing doing the People who do not plan their Career. Now the Question is What is the difference and connection between the Career and Future?  The one-word answer is the Future is a one-way Process and the Career is a double way System (give and take). Let’s explain the Incident –
We cannot see physically the future from here there is no way to see our future. The future is a very special condition for that we can planning our future from here but it is impossible to see. If we think after 10 years how will our future, we can think today plan today but when we reach this condition after 10 years then we cannot change the condition because it is the future. Whatever we plan for future and the planning is equal or opposite whatever the output result is flowing in one direction. I want to mention again that the proper planning gives you the best result.
In other way, career is a double way system. Let’s understand step by step.
1st the Career fully depends on yourself. Your “wish to do, working ability, education, knowledge, etc. what you want to do? The many many ways open for you…..
2nd your own Career must be established by yourself. And for that, you can gate necessary help from various type of sources like you senior, any institute, development programs, and the internet also. But keep in mind you have to give more than best for your career.
3rd after established our career, we can use our career to get out necessary things. Actually, we control our life. I mean to say this condition gives many many things.
That’s mean there is double way first give and then take the result. More give back you more things. It’s too simple. Now we clearly say that Future depends on Career. Better career creates more good future.

Nature general future

And now simply compare with Career

Future & career

 “ A more Powerful Career can create more powerful future ” .

The career is a very sensitive condition of our life. So we need to care it very carefully. Ok let’s take an example:-
You have a room and the Lock system in not too strong, in this type of condition you can lose anything from your room. So for that, you need to powerful your room locking system that is sure you that you have a powerful security system and your room can save. Like this, if the security system of your life is not ok then many things can vanish from your life. So keep a look on the security system of your life. However now the time to Create a very powerful “Life Security system”. So now the question is how can we create a powerful life security system?
Ok take a break and think what the relation between two topics is Definition of career and Powerful life security system.
Ok now I explain- the CAREER is the security system of our life. In yourself and your necessary everything – Financially, Mentally, Physically, Spiritually secured by the Career. More and more powerful and bright career can make more powerful Life security system. In this way you can make your life more powerful, too Easy and everything is more normal of your life. So the Security system I mean to say Career is the too sensitive and we need to understand it.
Now if you understand and realize the impotence about the career then we go to the next level. Now the most important step is we need to choice a career through the Career counseling Process. It is the very tough and sensitive process so we follow it very carefully step by step.
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Here only discuss the vital point of “Definition of career”. Neglect the negligible issue. So don’t abuse your time steadily go forward.
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