12 January, 2018

25 best time management tips - better skills and technique

Best Time management tips and technique

As we know “Time management” is the one of the best and most important management in our life to learn so this 25 best time management tips and technique can change our life pattern. Yes, those 25 management skills are not ordinary they have the power directly to you to manage your time very simply. There is no tough things to do or heard of learning. It is very simple and effective. If you follow those tips some days it can be converted into your new time pattern.  And this new pattern is enough to give you more and more extra free time. I want to mention that this tips specially Students and entrepreneurs

Time management tips

List of Best 25 verified time management tips

  1. Create a long schedule: - Long schedule is really important because it gives you the clarity where you want to go and how you can reach your destination. So create long-term schedule maybe for next 6 month or more but not more than 2 years.
  2. Routine: - create a weekly routine and work on that is a very effective thing. It may take 2 to 3 hour and the routine is ready for next 7 day’s work. Make sure you can check it daily basis.
  3. Urgent then important: - Multi-tasking is good but don’t do it may give you the wrong result. So decide which is urgent and then do which is important.
  4. Avoid unnecessary things and people: - it is a very effective rule. Yes, we are so busy, but why? The main Couse is we may invest our time in worst things with some unimportant people and that’s means we are not serious about our time.
  5. Reduce your thought and work on the field: - An experiment says most busy peoples are not successful in world history. The experiment also says they are investing more 70 % time to think. And only 30 % time to practically work. It is dangerous. Turn opposite the ratio to improve your productivity.
  6. Do not disturb: - Put some “Do not disturb” sign in your around like your watch, desktop and. But the question is can you remember it? So this signs not for others this sign for you.
  7. Social media effect: - if you really busy it is very natural that your social media profile will be off from some days. Will it? No. so put off your social media and stop behavior like business. Now time to real time management.
  8. Start your day with 30 minutes: - After early week up you must plan very carefully the full day with 15 to 20 minute and recheck the long and weekly scheduled.
  9. Time to time: - Actually most important thing and also it is a very common thing in every successful person that is time to time concept. Weak up timely, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner timely and sleep timely, yes most big component it the time – every minute every second and hour are important.
  10. Perfect Sleep: - 6 to 7-hour pure sleep is very important to work with concentrate in next day. Though this theory will be change and very person to person and this limit of time is the average slandered time.
  11. Time management Tools: - use some time management tools to organize and measure your time properly. Like, use your mobile as an alarm device. Your watch time may be 10 minutes fast so you can run faster.
  12. Cut distraction: - Anything, simply if anything distracts you cut out it from your schedule and don’t look for it anyway.
  13. Focused: - focus comes from passion and habits. So if you cannot properly focus on your work. Start to create your habit on daily basis.
  14. 5 minute fast: - your hand watch or which watch around you, you can fast it more 5 minutes and it will help you to reach your destination before deadlines.
  15. Deadlines: - deadlines are dangerous. Because it gives you the motive to speed up. Don’t think anything just utilizes your time.
  16. Multi-tasking: - it is not very good thing to do many works same time. But you can do the same type of work on same time it is very good tricks.
  17. Habits: - There some work which you can do very easily without investing any time. Find out what are the works? And planning to do as habit work.
  18. Distractions: - full format the distractions like TV, Gaming, and Chatting and so on. If it is not necessary for your study or work then stop reading a newspaper.
  19. Shift time: - when you move a work to another work there is a gap between this two works. Don’t take much time. Just finish the 1st work then shift you strictly 2nd one no gap you need actually your working hour.
  20. Thinking is not the solution: - If you don’t know how to complete that task in urgent time. Don’t abuse your time to think start study and find a solution.
  21. Urgent and important: - There is two work is important but find which is more important and do it first as an urgent work.
  22. Analyze: - Now if you going to analyze your progress, you can see how much your progress score and the interesting thing is you just complete maximum 70 to 80% of your target. And not time to re arrange your routine and work hard to turn it into a habit.
  23.  Less do: - This concept for saying doing those things only matters for you.
  24. Estimation fault: - Now time to estimation your fault. I mean to say why you are able or unable to do 100% and then time to increases your limit.
  25. Follow: - now you have an idea how to utilize and measure your time now time to rally follow those practices. 

Time management

These 25 Time management tips are really helpful for those. Who think they are really busy. As I already say if you are busy more than enough and don’t get the result this practices for you. So it smart way. Really you have enough time to live. And here my best choiceble point is “time to time” and this concept is enough to maintain and connect all points together and give you the best efficient result.
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