27 April, 2017

Effective time management skills, increase productivity

Learn how to develop Time management Skills

Time management is the most important management system and best necessary technique in our life. This important skills can grow our career and play a vital role and give us a real free time to improve ourselves. Time is the most important component in everything directly or indirectly. This practical skill helps us to reduce our business and increases our productivity. In order to learn this the best practices get those tips bellow in this article and implement in your daily life. I ready to give you the surety about increasing your productivity.

Before we ahead on skills there something important to know

What is Time management skills?

Time management skills are the skills which help us to improve our productivity respect to time. Means these skills give us the knowledge that how to manage our time and work respect to time.

How to improve the time management skills?

It is a process that takes some time to learn and practices. It simply a “learns and practices process”. To learn this special skills you need some tips and depth of that theory which really work. But first thing is – ready and open your mind to create the new pattern of daily life.

Start to learn and practices 8 best Time management skills tips

How to save your time: -

Saving some hour or minute is a really big achievement for busy peoples. So first make sure you are not busy just your scheduled is wrong. So stop business you must create a scheduled and according to schedule done your all work. Do not try to do anything extra and which interrupting your work in work hour. Create a habit of saying “NO” for unimportant work. The best theory is “Start and finish the work” and then doing other things.

Understand Effective and Efficiency: -

The story is to understand is which work you do there is may be various sector and various part and you are unable to understand which need to do and which is not. In this type of situation, this theory really works. The story behind the theory is “Which work give you most efficiency that is effective for you and which didn’t give you any efficiency that is not a good option to do”.

Do it now in Present: -

Most of busy people who unable to complete their work daily basis because of this reason they do not complete their work daily so in the next day when he/she start the day they need to do their pending work first so in this way always they are behind one step and think in their mind about the work and it is very dangerous. So everyday complete your work and back home with the fresh mind.

Deference between important and urgent: -

Tag line is “every urgent work is important but every important work is not urgent”. So first important to identify which is really important and the next step to sort out which is more and more important means it is urgent and now time to take the action. Complete your urgent work first and then start and finish important work.

“If you have 4 work to do in today and each work take one hour so what you do? Here this point plays an important role. First identify and priority and rank them (work) frequently and then do top 3 work from your list. Yes, very easy”.

Stop Multi-tasking: -

Multi-Tasking is not a good idea. Stop multi-tasking. If you have some work and some of them approximately same and connected each other then also it is very harmful and now efficient on to do multi-tasking. You can do only some ordinary multi-tasking in daily life’s which you already practices. And in professional life or study – you need to focus on a single task. It is the best way to get best time efficiency.

Effect of a small Minute: -

We all know that a small minute can destroy and also build many things. We all know the value of every single pulse of the second. But we are regular destroy a number of hours.  Do it now mans do it now. You may gate some or many extra hours after complete your work but now the most important urgent and only work utilizes this minute. After complete your target you have enough free time. And other way if you do not complete it and another work is coming or your friends are calling and you want to go – what you do now? So give priority every single minute.

How to use your free time:-

It is now a big deal to use our free time very beautifully with our friends of family or alone every day or every week. But if you plan for a vacation I suggest you to do no lose you time 1 or 2 weeks and then you have may be 5 to 6 days to enjoy your vacation. If you have lots of free time right now you can read some good books. Make sure those books related to your profession or those books helps you to improve yourselves. Don’t round up unusual social media.

Practices and final listing your schedule: -
So this is the most important part of this management skills is to create final time schedule. Which is call daily routine. You need to create a weekly routine and observe it daily and every day before start your day you need spend 15 to 20 minute to create the final schedule for the day hourly base.  The yearly goal, monthly goal and the weekly goal is effective your daily routine it is natural. You can actually use some tools to observe your schedule.

Now time to practices all the theory as practical and get the best result. You can change your daily schedule which depends on your practices of these skills. If you use these simple tips some week and month it becomes your habit and you can get the real best result and it is really effective. You can see the effect on your free time, in your professional life, your mind situation, and your environment will change very quickly with these easy and skills.

Effect of this skills: - 

  • It gives you free time.
  • This skills release your stress.
  • Make you confident.
  • Your decision power will be increased.
  • This skill made you a organize person.


Start practices it today.
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